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Why you will love Patmos

patmos monasteri of Saint John The Dodecanese Island of Patmos is often referred to as “The Jerusalem of The Aegean”. Mythology and history are deeply embedded in the sanctuary of Patmos. According to mythology Patmos was a present from Zeus to his daughter Artemis, goddess of hunting and young women. The medieval monastery of St. John founded in 1088 built on the wasteland of Patmos overshadows the island both visually and politically. Its original purpose to protect its inhabitants from aspirant marauders now benevolently furnishes prosperity and a deep sense of place, its influence ensures the kind of hedonism apparent on some of the neighboring islands is kept at bay from these shores.

Once you have found yourself on this land you will breathe a quiet sigh of relief as the last boatload of day-trippers have departed. The visitor will be aware of the separate and unique atmosphere, a sanctuary far from the madding crowd. A wonderful sense of timelessness and peace will envelop and nourish your soul.

Beaches of Patmos

There is a proliferation of magnificent beaches to enjoy in Patmos, with countless hidden coves surrounded by a variety of enchanting bijou islets. For the intrepid you may well find your own secret beach. They’re easy to find and each offers something different, unique and unforgettable. Walkers will revel in discovering hidden paths leading to beaches of adamantine purity; for those of us less inclined there is a regular and reliable bus service water taxis, mopeds, quad bikes and car hire.

Meloi Beach is close to Skala and easily accessible on foot. Sandy beach of clear blue cobalt waters protected from the north prevailing winds, one of the prettiest beaches of Patmos. It is ideal for snorkeling and can be found very close to the main port only 1km north of Skala. The bay is ringed with Tamarisk trees offering a shady tranquil. There is also a small quaint Greek taverna with delicious Greek food and fresh fish.

Agrio Livadi Beach, is only 2km north of Skala. From Skala you can walk, take a bus or a reasonably priced taxi. There are sun beds, parasols, waterskiing facilities and peddle boats available. The beach comprises of sand and pebbles and the bay is enclosed with lush vegetation. The waters are crystal clear and there is a charming Greek taverna, offering delicious home cooked and locally grown produce. You may prefer the popular Skipper Bar for snacks, refreshments and authentic local music. Agrio Livadi is a popular beach a lively and vibrant respite.

Aspri Beach, Here you can soak up the views and atmosphere of St. John’s Monastery. Aspri Beach is close to Skala and easily accessible on foot. The waters are a pristine aqua blue; it is an undisturbed sequestered refuge, a perfect romantic hideaway. The area is particularly well serviced in the evenings, with a famous Greek fish taverna, serving superb fresh fish straight from the fishing boats.

Sapsila Beach, is 2km southeast of Skala and has a pebbled cove. The Bentos restaurant is close by and has established a reputation as one of the top eateries on the island. Mediterranean and Pacific - Rim fusion dishes are carefully prepared. This region undoubtedly offers the most unforgettable sunsets on the whole of the island making it the perfect place to enjoy the palpable atmosphere of serenity.

Grikos Beach, is fisherman’s settlement that lies south east of Hora, around 5 km from the harbor of Skala. This particularly charming village has a harbor at the eastern end. Scramble around the Kalikatsou Rock at the end of Grikos beach and you will discover the hollowed out caves excavated by the hermits.

Diakofti Beach, is to the south of the island, 7 km from Skala, the bay is secluded, rocky and strikingly austere. The landscapes are breathtaking. Enjoy the translucent light that gives this area an inescapable aura of harmony and balance.

Psili Ammos Beach, an isolated extraordinary fine white sandy cove bordered by steep crags and deep gullies. This is the finest sandy beach on Patmos with shady trees found on the western side of the last promontory of Southern Patmos. The area is accessible by a quick water taxi excursion or a leisurely 30 minute jaunt through the tranquil mountain pathways passing vagrant goat herds and ancient olive trees. The scenery is ruggedly dramatic and well worth the effort.

Hohlaka Beach, is on the west side of the island. Here you can see the slopes called Kasteli, slanting upward to a broken halo of ruins where a complex of pagan temples and public buildings are found. The Patmian Acropolis once stood here as well. The climb up the slope is a difficult accent over loose-piled stone walls. There are fields of seeding rape and gorse in yellow flower during the summer months. Further up the toppling rocks you will find the goat trails leading to what’s left of the ruined temple.

Lefkes Beach, sits 2.5 km North of Skala, with sand, shingle, pebbles and pure sparking waters. Getting to the beach is a tricky moped ride; the road deteriorates from tarmac, to rough track, to just rocks - so take care! This adventure is probably best left for the pluckier day tripper. There are of course water taxis – a much more leisurely sojourn.

Agios Nickolas Bay located 12 km from Skala. The bay of the area composes of a shelter for many small yachts and boats due to the safety it provides. Lampi Beach lies on the north east of the island. This beach is famous for its abundant diversity of colored stones and pebbles; we hope you will leave them there for others to enjoy our natural wonders. There is an excellent fish taverna but none of the usual beach facilities such as parasols and sun beds, a secluded and peaceful enclave.

Livadi Geranou Beach is a truly beautiful sun – drenched sandy beach with the added attraction of two islets you can easily swim to. Wispy Tamarisk and Almirikia trees provide welcome shade from the guaranteed sunshine. You will find a small friendly taverna serving sea urchins (a local delicacy). Here you can enjoy stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands. In spring, behind the beach you will discover a plethora of stunning orchids, a veritable treat for any horticulturist.

Vagia Beach, is a sheltered cove with a pebbly beach and exceptionally translucent waters, 7km from Skala. Here are reputedly the coolest waters in Patmos. There is a small locally owned cafeteria serving snacks and refreshments on this beautifully secluded idyll.

Kampos Beach, is a splendid shingle beach, with gardens and vineyards reaching up to the water’s edge, 4 km from Skala. You will find clean shallow waters perfect for younger children. There are shady trees and the beach is fully equipped with facilities offering windsurfing, sailing, and paragliding, snorkeling and canoeing. Good taverna’s serve Patmos’ specialties including one that has the most superb Lobsters brought straight from the traps and onto your plate.